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Nov 2018 |Congratulations to Anjali on being named a UC Berkeley Lewis Scholar!

May 2018 |Julea, Elaine, John, Eli, & Hector are hooded at the 2018 UC Berkeley commencement. Congrats to Julea, Eli, and John on successful exit seminars.

May 2018 | Our study "Mouse-to-mouse variation in maturation heterogeneity of smooth muscle cells" is accepted at Lab Chip. Congrats Eli & collaborators in the Song Li lab

Apr 2018 | npj Precision Oncology publishes our work on resolving erbB2 forms in breast cancer tumors. Congrats, Ginny & team in the Huang & Pegram labs

Apr 2018 | Our study on arrays of pH gradients is accepted to Electrophoresis. Congratulations Augusto & Kevin.

Mar 2018 | Our research on functional hydrogels for DNA capture/release is published in Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations Yizhe & Peggy.

Mar 2018 | Lab Chip publishes our cell motility & signaling study. Congrats all including collaborators in the Kumar Lab.

Feb 2018 | Our study on microwell geometry and single-cell separations performance is published in Analytica Chimica Acta.

Jan 2018 | We have a poster at the upcoming 2018 Biophysical Society meeting with Julea & co-authors in the Dillin Lab.

Oct 2017 | Analytical Chemistry accepts our study of Joule heating-induced dispersion in open microfluidic devices. Congrats Julea.

Jun 2017 | Our paper on electrophoretic cytometry of adherent cells just accepted in Lab Chip. Congrats Elaine.

Aug 2017 | Congratulations to Hector, John, and co-authors on 2nd & 3rd place posters at our annual Graduate Program retreat

Jul 2017 | Our paper on measuring enzyme kinetics in arrays of porous gels accepted in Anal Chem. Congrats Hector.

Jun 2017 | Fabrication protocol for PA gels in PDMS-glass "open" devices accepted in Anal Chem. Congrats to Philippe, Kevin, & Rachel on our paper.

May 2017 | Eli named Seibel Scholar. Congrats, Eli!

May 2017 | Welcome to our newest graduate student members: Ali, Kristine, Alisha & Andoni

May 2017 | Congratulations, Dr. Kevin Yamauchi (who starts at the CZ Biohub in July)and Dr. Qiong Pan!

Apr 2017 | Herr named 1 of 16 Defense Science Study Group faculty

Mar 2017 | Julea named the sole SLAS Fellow for this year!

Mar 2017 | Herr named among inagural class of Chan Zuckerberg (CZ) Biohub Investigators

Mar 2017 | Just accepted in Nat Comm: protein cytometry in circulating tumor cells with Vortex Biosciences, the Huang & Jeffrey Labs. Congrats Elly & co-authors!

Feb 2017 | We just published a Lab Chip article on a lab-on-a-disc single-cell protoemics platform for diagnostics. Congrats John & Elly!

Feb 2017 | Congratulations to Peter, Labcyte colleagues & UCSF Recombinant Antibody Network on our high-througput assay for determination of equilibrium dissociation constants for recombinant antibodies, accepted at Scientific Reports

Jan 2017 | Our paper on "Subcellular western blotting of single cells" just accepted to Microsystems & Nanoengineering (Nature Publishing Group). Congrats, Kevin!

Dec 2016 | Hector to give oral presentation at Conference of Ford Fellows in DC

Nov 2016 | Herr Lab alumna Dr. Kelly Gardner named to MIT Technology Review's "Top 35, Under 35".

Nov 2016 | Our first report of resolving proteins having single-charge unit differences in individual cells was just accepted at Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed., congrats co-1st-authors Augusto & Kevin

Nov 2016 | Eli awarded 3rd place poster recognition at the AIChE/American Electrophoresis Symposium in SF

Oct 2016 | Qiong wins 1st place poster award at UC Berkeley/UCSF BioE Graduate Group retreat

Oct 2016 | Julea recognized with 3rd place poster award at UC Berkeley/UCSF BioE Graduate Group retreat

Oct 2016 | Our protocol on single-cell western blotting just published in Nature Protocols, congrats Ginny & co-authors Download PDF

Oct 2016 | Kevin to give oral presentation at MicroTAS 2016 in Dublin

Sept 2016 | Shaheen and Elaine to each give talks at AIChE/AES and Eli will present a poster at this 2016 symposium!

Sept 2016 | Qiong presents our poster, which was awarded the 2nd Place Agilent Technologies Best Poster Award at HPLC 2016 in SF

Sept 2016 | Herr honored with Mid-Career Achievement Award from the American Electrophoresis Society. Award symposium to be held at SciX2016

August 2016 | Hector & Kevin to give talks & Qiong to give poster on our research at the HPLC Liquid-Phase Separations Meeting

July 2016 | John to give oral presentation on our work at the 2016 Hilton Head Workshop

July 2016 | Julea selected for UC Berkeley Graduate Division's selective "Summer Institue for Preparing Future Faculty"

June 2016 | Kevin & Shaheen each to present at the Berkeley Stem Cell Center 2016 retreat

May 2016 | Kevin & Shaheen each to present at the Berkeley Stem Cell Center 2016 retreat

May 2016 | Ginny to present our poster at AACR meeting with Pegram lab, as a AACR-AbbVie Scholar-in-Training Awardee

May 2016 | John named Kang Family Fellow from UC Berkeley

Apr 2016 | Herr lab research led by Qiong supported by Chau Hoi Shuen Foundation Women in Science Program

Apr 2016 | Kapil & co-authors publish in Analytical Chemistry on controlling reactions using electrophoresis & chip geometry

Mar 2016 | Both Eli & Hector pass their Qualifying Exams!

Mar 2016 | Herr named Mary Shepard B. Upson Visiting Professor at Cornell

Feb 2016 | Herr to present our research at NIH High Risk, High Reward Symposium

Feb 2016 | Vlassakis & Herr publish on effect of polymer hydration state on in-gel immunoassays in Analytical Chemistry

Jan 2016 | The Herr Lab are Featured Innovators & guests of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group at the opening of the west coast USPTO!

Jan 2016 | Our Advanced Materials paper on single-cell analysis with pore-gradient gels was just accepted

Dec 2015 | Dr. Sinkala accepts staff position at the engineering consulting firm Exponent. Congrats, Elly!

Nov 2015 | Ginny, Todd, Elly & our collaborators in the Pegram Lab have an oral presentation at microTAS 2015. Herr will also give a Keynote.

Nov 2015 | Our invited review at Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology was just accepted

Nov 2015 | Congrats to Peter & our Hammond Lab collaborators on our RNA Biology paper "A Minimalist Biosensor: Quantitation of Cyclic Di-GMP Using Conformational Change of a Riboswitch"

Oct 2015 | Hector presents poster at annual Ford Foundation Fellows meeting

Jun 2015 | Congratulations to Julea on being elected 2017 GRS co-chair!

Jun 2015 | Congrats to Dr. Tentori, Dr. Kapil & Dr. Duncombe!

Jun 2015 | Hector awarded Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Jun 2015 | Kevin, Elly & Amy to co-instruct @ the CSHL 'Single Cell Analysis' summer course

Jun 2015 | Julea to give oral presentation at the Microfluidics GRS

Jun 2015 | Eli & Julea each to present posters at the Microfluidics GRC

April 2015 | Herr promoted to Full Professor

April 2015 | John passes his BioE qualifying exam. Congrats, John!

Mar 2015 | Peter named 2015 UC Berkeley Kang Fellow in Biotechnology

Feb 2015 | Kevin named a 2015 UC Berkeley Outstanding GSI (top 9% of all UC Berkeley GSIs)

Feb 2015 | Our paper "A lateral electrophoretic flow diagnostic assay" is accepted in Lab Chip. Congrats Rob, Rachel, Hector & our collaborators in the Fletcher Lab!

Jan 2015 | Rachel completes her exit seminar & submits her dissertation. Congrats, Dr. Gerver!

Dec 2014| Rachel accepts Stanford Biodesign Fellowship for 2015-16. Congratulations, Rachel!

Dec 2014 | Eli awarded a 2015 CIRM Predoctoral Fellowship. Congrats, Eli!

Nov 2014 | Eli awarded 1st Place Poster Award at the 30th Annual UC Berkeley/UCSF BioE Conference

Oct 2015| Herr to co-direct CSHL 'Single Cell Analysis' course in June 2015

Oct 2014 | Congrats to Rachel on our Analytical Chemistry article on low-molecular-mass μWesterns!

Oct 2014 | Congrats to Peter, Todd & collaborators in the Hammond Lab on our Analytical Chemistry article on high-throughput riboswitch EMSAs!

Sept 2014 | Congrats to Ginny, Zhuchen & collaborators in the Kumar Lab on our Analytical Chemistry article regarding single-cell chemotherapeutic response.

Sept 2014 | Congrats to Eli on receiving a La Caixa Fellowship for graduate study in North America

July 2014| Our recent Nat Methods article is ranked "Most Read"

July 2014 | Herr named Lloyd Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley.

June 2014 | Kevin to give oral presentation at microTAS 2014.

June 2014 | Elly to give poster with Jeffrey Lab at microTAS 2014

June 2014 | Peter M. named Stem Cell Research Fellow for summer 2014.

May 2014 | Kevin passes his qualifying exam!

May 2014 | Congrats to Alex, Zhuchen, Ginny & our Schaffer Lab co-authors on our Nature Methods article on single-cell western blotting

May 2014 | Monica receives UC Dissertation-Year Fellowship

May 2014 | Kevin accepted into the CSHL summer workshop on single cell analysis

May 2014 | Herr elected Fellow in AIMBE

April 2014 | Rachel conducts needs-finding in Kenya on a 'Development Impact Labs (DIL)' travel grant

April 2014 | Both Augusto & Todd are accepted into the NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes for U.S. Graduate Students (EAPSI)

March 2014 | Julea passes her qualifying exam!

March 2014 | Herr to give Dean's Lecture at University of Tokyo in July

March 2014 | Rob, Rachel, & our colleagues in the Fletcher lab to give oral presenation at Hilton Head Workshop

March 2014 | Peter, Todd & our colleagues in the Hammond Lab to present a poster at Hilton Head Workshop

April 2014 | Julea selected to attend Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany in June

Mar 2014 |Paper on IEF mobilization & performance losses accepted at Electrophoresis. Congrats, Augusto!

Mar 2014 | Monica's accepted paper in Analytical Chemistry reports on our binding kinetic rate measurements. Kudos, Monica!

Mar 2013 | Congrats to Peter P. & Kelly on our invited review at Electrophoresis!

Mar 2014 | Herr elected Fellow in AIMBE

Nov 2013 | Augusto's presentation gets our poster recognized as "1st Place" at the American Electrophoresis Society Symposium at AIChE. Way to go!

Nov 2013 | Peter, Todd + our co-authors in the Hammond Lab are awarded "2nd Place Poster" at the American Electrophoresis Society Symposium at AIChE. Congrats!

Sept 2013 | Cameron + co-authors awarded "Best Poster" by the SRC Education Alliance at Techcon 2013 in Austin. Nice job!

Sept 2013 | Augusto named 2014 Siebel Scholar. Congrats!

Oct 2013 | Kudos to Alex & our collaborators in the Schaffer lab on our oral presentation at 2013 uTAS conference, a 9% accept rate.

Oct 2013 | Congrats to Kursad, Kwasi, & Cleo (Novartis) on our Lab Chip article on electrokinetic patterning of a HCV 'barcode' assay

Oct 2013 | Congrats to Minsub & Dohyun on our new Analytical Chemistry paper on charge-patterning of PA gels for SDS-protein immobilization

Sept 2013 | We publish a new review on protein immobilization in Biomicrofluidics

Sept 2013 | Herr publishes invited Perspective on Design in Analytical Chemistry in Analytical Chemistry

Sept 2013 | Congrts to Kursad & Augusto on our new review of multiplexed measurements in J Lab Autom

Sept 2013 | Two oral presentations at BMES2013 -- congrats to Monica, Peter, & our co-authors!

July 2013 | Senior Capstone Design projects from Herr's BioE 192 course funded at $100k and featured in Innovations.

June 2013 | Tentori, Hughes & Herr publish on microchamber 2DE in Anal Chem.

June 2013 | Herr appointed Standing Member of NIH 'Nanotechnology' Study Section (2013-2019).

June 2013 | Herr appointed to Chemical & Biological Microsystems Society (CBMS) Board.

May 2013 | Congrats to Dr. (Karns) Gardner & Dr. Hughes, our newest Herr Lab Ph.D.'s.

May 2013 | Welcome new graduate student lab members Julea & Kevin!

May 2013 | Monica named Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program Awardee.

May 2013 | Congrats to Peter on passing his qualifying exam!

May 2013 | Todd publishes our work on "chip-less" electrophoresis in Lab Chip.

April 2013 | Cameron to present SRC/Intel Scholar undergrad research at TECHCON in Austin.

April 2013 | Welcome new postdoctoral scholars Elly & Ginny!

April 2013 | Herr & BioE Capstone team to present at Dean's Society 'Tech Innovation @ Berkeley' event

April 2013 | Augusto to give podium presentation at Gordon Research Seminar on Microfluidics.

April 2013 | Kwasi & Sam spin out Herr Lab technology @ CITRIS Foundry

March 2013 | Kelly & our collaborators from the Ming Hammond lab publish in JACS.

March 2013 | Kwasi, Martina & Ivan El-Sayed (UCSF) publish our work in J Proteome Res.

Feb 2013 | Congrats to Sam and our Danica Chen Lab collaborators on our 2013 Anal Chem paper!

Feb 2013 | Karns named 2013 Kauffman Fellow. Congrats, Kelly!

Dec 2012 | Kursad & co-authors' work named a Top Poster at IEEE EMBS MNM 2013. Congrats!

Dec 2012 | Congrats to Alex on our paper in PNAS!

Dec 2012 | Congrats to Alex & Augusto on our paper in JACS!

Dec 2013| Congrats to Chenlu on our paper in Analyst!

Dec 2012 | Congrats to Todd on our paper in Analytical Chemistry!

Dec 2012 | Herr to give Thiele Lecture at Notre Dame Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

Dec 2012 | Kursad & Alex to each present posters at IEEE EMBS MNM '13.

Nov 2012 | Congrats to Sasha & Kelly on our paper in Analyst!

Nov 2012 | Herr to speak at 8th NIH Pioneer Symposium.

Nov 2012 | Augusto named 2012 CRCC Predoctoral Fellow.

Oct 2012 | Herr named 2012 Bakar Fellow.

Oct 2012 | Herr Lab to give 2 talks at microTAS12. Congrats Todd, Alex & co-authors!

Sept 2012 | Dohyun accepts faculty position at Myongji University, Korea. Congrats!

Sept 2012 | Herr named 2012 Analytical Chemistry "Young Innovator".

Aug 2012 | Rob named 2012 Siebel Postdoc Fellow.

Aug 2012 | Sam selected for 'Engineering Engineering Education' Workshop at Bucknell.

July 2012 | Alex named 2012 Siebel Scholar.

Jul 2012 | Herr promoted to Associate Professor (with tenure).

Jun 2012 | Augusto named 2012 Cancer Research Coordinaging Committee (CRCC) Predoctoral Fellow.

Jun 2012 | Herr named 2012 Bakar Fellow.

Jun 2012 | Herr Lab to give 2 talks at microTAS12. Congrats Todd, Alex & co-authors!

Jun 2012 | Dohyun accepts faculty position at Myongji University, Korea. Congrats!

Jun 2012 | Herr named 2012 Analytical Chemsistry "Young Innovator".

Jun 2012 | Rob named 2012 Siebel Postdoc Fellow.

May 2012 | Sam selected for 'Engineering Engineering Education' Workshop at Bucknell.

May 2012 | Sasha starts Ph.D. study at Stanford in fall. Congrats!

May 2012 | Herr named 2012 'Outstanding BioE Instructor' by BioEHS

May 2012 | Alex selected for CSHL Single Cell Analysis workshop

Apr 2012 | Sasha receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Apr 2012 | Congrats to Todd on passing his qualifying exam!

Apr 2012 | Congrats to Alex, Rob & co-authors on our PNAS paper!

Mar 2012 | Todd to present oral and Augusto to present poster at Hilton Head

Mar 2012 | Herr honored with 2012 Ellen Weaver Award from AWIS

Feb 2012 | Congrats to Dohyun & co-authors on our Analytical Chemistry paper

Dec 2011 | Congrats Dr. Kwasi Apori, on filing your thesis!

Nov 2011 | Congrats to Mei & our co-authors on our JACS paper

Nov 2011 | Herr appointed to editorial board of journal Electrophoresis

Nov 2011 | The Herr lab to present poster at IEEE MEMS 2012

Oct 2011 | Kwasi awarded Widmer Poster Award at microTAS 2011

Sep 2011 | Alex awarded travel grant to microTAS 2011

Sep 2011 | Congratulations to Kelly on our Analytical Chemistry article!

Aug 2011 | Congrats to Augusto on passing his qualifying exam

Aug 2011 | Congrats to Xiaofang, Monica & Alex on our Analytical Chemistry article!

Jul 2011 | The Herr lab to present 2 orals & 2 posters at microTAS 2011 (8% acceptance rate for orals)

Jul 2011 | Kelly recognized as Finalist for top poster at GRC

Jun 2011 | Four posters at the microfluidics GRC: Alex, Kelly, Augusto, & Sam

Jun 2011 | Kelly & Sam to each speak at GRS, with Augusto as a session moderator

May 2011 | Congratulations on filing your thesis, Dr. Chenlu Hou!

May 2011 | Congrats to Kwasi on our 1st place poster award at MSB 2011

Apr 2011 | Congrats to Sam, Mei, Dohyun on our Analytical Chemistry article! Congrats to Augusto on our JMM review!

Mar 2011 | Herr receives NSF CAREER award

Mar 2011 | Congratulations to Kwasi on our Analytical Chemistry article!

Feb 2011 | Sasha to present poster at ACS National Meeting. Kelly awarded travel grant for Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) poster

Feb 2011 | Kelly awarded 1st Place in the Academic Poster competition at LabAutomation 2011

Dec 2010 | Herr awarded the 2010 Eli Lilly and Company Young Investigator Award in Analytical Chemistry

Dec 2010 | Kelly to speak in special session at LabAutomation 2011

Oct 2010 | Dohyun to speak at IEEE MEMS 2011. Mei to present at Pittcon 2011.

Aug 2010 | Herr awarded NIH New Innovator Award

Aug 2010 | Congratulations to Mei on our Nature Protocols article!

Jun 2010 | Kelly to present poster at Bay Area Vision Science Research Day.

Jun 2010 | Sam & Kwasi to speak at uTAS '10.

May 2010 | Alex to speak at Pacifichem 2010.

May 2010 | Herr & Pruitt serve as JMM Special Issue guest editors.

Apr 2010 | Kwasi named a 2010 UNCF/Merck Dissertation Fellow. Congrats!

Mar 2010 | Congratulations to both Alex & Chenlu on our two Analytical Chemistry papers.

Feb 2010 | Herr named 2010 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow in Chemistry.

Feb 2010 | Congratulations to Mei on our JACS article!

Feb 2010 | Chenlu invited to attend the Landau Nobel Laureates Meeting in June 2010.

Jan 2010 | Keck Foundation funds the Herr, Conboy, and Sohn Labs in their Biomedical Research Program.

Oct 2010 | Congratulations to Mei her article in Analytical Chemistry!

Sept 2009 | Kelly receives the 2nd place poster award at the UCSF/UC Berkeley JGGB annual retreat. Congratulations!

Sept 2009 | Herr is awarded one of 35 "Young Faculty Awards" by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Aug 2009 | Herr is awarded the Hellman Family Faculty Award at UC Berkeley.

Jul 2008 | Congratulations to postdoctoral scholar Dr. Mei He on her oral presentation at uTAS 2009 in Jeju, South Korea (a 6% acceptance rate for talks!).

Apr 2008 | Congratulations to new graduate students on fellowships: Kelly for receiving a NSF GRF and to Alex for receiving a DoD NDSEG.

Jul 2008 | Lo et al Lab Chip 2008 is a "2008 Hot Article" at Lab on a Chip.

Jul 2008 | Congratulations to Sam on his invited review article at Lab Chip.

Jul 2008 | Congratulations to Chenlu for passing her EECS qualifying exam & acceptance of her work as an oral presentation at Transducers (!

Jul 2008 | Herr appointed to Analytical Chemistry "News & Features" (A-page) Advisory panel

Jul 2008 | As one of 30 researchers selected to participate in the 1st Point-of-Care Global Health Diagnostics, Prof. Herr participates in a new program sponsored by the PATH Foundation at the University of Washington.

Jul 2008 | Prof. Herr named Regents' Junior Faculty Fellow for 2008-2009.

Jul 2008 | Lab Chip article published on Advanced Articles site. Contribution highlighted in RSC Chemical Biology news service and as inside cover art. Congratulations co-authors Lo, Throckmorton, Singh, and Herr!

Jul 2008 | Prof. Herr named Presidential Chair Faculty Fellow for 2008-2009.

Jul 2008 | Apori, Herr abstract to be presented as one of 66 oral presentations at the 2008 microTAS conference.

May 2008 |Kwasi passes his qualifying exam. Congratulations!

Apr 2008 | Critical review article co-authored by Chenlu and Prof. Herr to appear in Electrophoresis.

Apr 2008 | Herr one of 6 new members named to the microTAS Technical Program Committee for a 4-year tenure (2008-2012).