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A major focus of our lab is engineering innovation for analysis of complex biological systems — as is required to address questions important to both fundamental biological systems and applied clinical research. We employ a combination of approaches drawn from bioengineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering with strong foundations in biology, materials science, and analytical chemistry. In essence, we strive to advance the “mathematization” of biology & medicine.

The Herr Lab at UC Berkeley’s Stanley Hall

We are part of the UC Berkeley Department of Bioengineering and the UC Berkeley/UCSF Graduate Group in Bioengineering. A primary focus of our research is in tools to push the frontier of single-cell biology. To accomplish this, we design and create instrumentation that exploits scale-dependent physics and chemistry. Our work accelerates development of bioanalytical methods, streamlines sample preparation strategies, improves biomarker validation studies, and advances clinical diagnostics.

Affiliations: QB3: The California Institute of Quantitative BiosciencesThe Chan Zuckerberg BiohubThe Berkeley Stem Cell CenterJacobs Institute of Design Innovation, and The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Graduate student researchers join us from a variety of UC Berkeley & UCSF Graduate Programs: BioengineeringChemical Biology, and Applied Science & Technology, as well as various engineering & chemistry programs.


  • Our study “Contact-Inhibited ERK Signaling is Determined by Cellular-Resolution Western Blotting” authored by Yizeh Zhang and collaborators at the University of Tokyo Isao Naguro and Hiroki Ryuno is posted to bioRxiv and submitted for peer review.
  • Welcome to two postdoctoral scholars, Drs. Nazibul Islam from Texas A&M and Cyril Deroy from Oxford.
  • Our study “DropBlot: single-cell western blotting of chemically fixed cancer cells” is posted on BioRxiv.org and submitted for peer review.
  • The Herr Lab is awarded the Springer/Nature Test of Time Award 2023, and Amy presented an Award Plenary at the 2023 MicroTAS Conference in Katowice, Poland.
  • Welcome to postdoctoral scholar Fangchen Liu, PhD who joins us in August 2023 after completing her PhD with Prof. Mingming Wu in Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell. Welcome Dr. Liu!
  • Welcome to Tokyo Institute of Technology visiting MS student Kano Kajie, who is with us from Aug 2023 to Jan 2024.
  • Congrats to Gabi Lomeli for completing her PhD! Stay tuned for her peer-reviewed paper to come out, as she starts as a Prism Postdoc at Stanford with Profs. Carolyn Bertozzi and Polly Fordyce.
  • We have open postdoc positions at the Herr Lab, please apply here. Interviews are underway now for Winter 2023 start.
  • Louise starts at a Postdoc at the Wyss Institute/Harvard with David Walt and Alden starts as an Assay Development Researcher at GenMark Diagnostics.
  • Anna awarded a Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation to support her next 2 years of research. Congratulations, Anna!
  • Amy starts as an Associate Editor at the journal Lab on a Chip.
  • Amy appointed to the US Department of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, by White House approval.
  • Alden and Louise are the newest Herr Lab PhD’s. Congrats!
  • Congratulations Gabi, recognized as the Runner-Up Springer Nature Best Poster Award at the Hilton Head Workshop 2022.
  • Welcome to postdoctoral scholar Trinh Lam, and Amgen summer 2022 scholar Aditi Patel.
  • Doctoral student Yaw Ansong named a Brodie Scholar by UC Berkeley Bioengineering. Congrats, Yaw!
  • The Bakar BioEnginuity Hub opens its doors for active and future founders at UC Berkeley! A stunning and a welcome addition to our vibrant campus startup ecosystem. (Berkeley News article | Daily Cal article). Over the last 4 years, Amy is proud to have served as the Founding Faculty Director.